The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is responsible for licensing private stores and will monitor the retail sector, which will consist of private stores and government-operated stores. The rules governing retail stores will be similar to those currently in place for liquor, and public and private retailers will have similar operating rules.

    You can also find detailed information on LCRB’s website.


    The LDB is engaging with licensed producers, from whom we will purchase non-medical cannabis. Non-medical cannabis products will be safely transported to the LDB’s warehouse by appropriately regulated transport agents. As part of its wholesale distribution system, the LDB will provide product ordering and delivery services to both public and private retail stores. 

    While the initial product assortment available to retailers will be largely determined by product availability of the licensed producers that we partner with, we eventually plan to seek the input of the private retail community to drive the assortment strategy.

    More information will be provided on this website as it becomes available.


    Cannabis supply chain



    The figures below represent the average LDB wholesale price of non-medical cannabis within the individual product categories, for each of our product segments: good, better, best, and premium. These averages include the federal excise tax and 15% wholesale mark-up.

    Please note, these figures are based on averages only and do not necessarily represent the final wholesale price of all products. In addition, these prices will likely fluctuate over time as additional licensed producers enter the marketplace, and according to product availability from licensed producers.   

    Average cannabis wholesale pricing - 102218

    Specific LDB wholesale pricing information will be made available to private retailers once they have received licensing from the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch and have completed the LDB’s private retailer registration process.

    The LDB will apply a 15% mark-up on the landed cost of cannabis distributed throughout the province to public and private retail stores and the LDB’s online store, when cannabis is legalized on October 17. All cannabis retailers, including public stores, will purchase cannabis at a common wholesale price. Retailers will be required to pay the cost of shipping product from the LDB warehouse to their retail outlet.

    Retailers can apply any retail mark-up to their product assortment, providing the final retail price is not lower than the wholesale cost.


    The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is responsible for licensing and monitoring private non-medical cannabis retail stores. Applicants must apply through the cannabis licensing application portal, located on the LCRB’s website.

    The province is not capping the number of licences issued. However, local governments will have the authority to make local decisions based on the needs of their communities. This means that some local governments may choose not to allow retail cannabis stores, while others may choose to limit the number and location of stores that are permitted to operate within their jurisdiction.

    Government-run cannabis retail stores will comply with zoning bylaws, safety codes and business licensing requirements in the municipality where they want to do business. Public engagement and consultation will be predicated by regulations unique to those communities.

    Once LCRB has issued your private retail licence, you will be required to complete the LDB’s wholesale customer registration. This will involve submitting information related to your business and payment details.  Upon completion, you will be able to access the LDB’s wholesale product assortment, and begin ordering product for your store.

    You can register with LDB once your licence has been issued by LCRB.

    When you register you will need to provide your legal business name, business licence number, LCRB licence name, PST number, phone, address, shipping address, and email address. You will also be required to provide the name and address of your financial institution, transit and account number.

    The LDB also requires private retailers to agree to the terms and conditions set out in the private retailer customer agreement.

    The LDB’s private retailer registration process is expected to take between two to three business days.

    No. All cannabis retailers will be required to complete the registration process specific to the LDB’s cannabis business.

    All licensed private cannabis retailers will order product online through the LDB’s wholesale website:  

    Retailers will have access to the wholesale website as soon as they have received their retail licence from the LCRB and completed the LDB’s private retailer registration process.

    Public and private stores will be allowed to sell dried cannabis, cannabis oils that comply with federal requirements, and seeds. Stores may also sell 'cannabis accessories', as defined in the proposed federal Cannabis Act, i.e., rolling papers or wraps, holders, pipes, water pipes, and bongs used in the consumption of cannabis, etc.

    LDB will distribute pre-packaged product only, with labelling compliant with federal standards, in ready-to-sell formats (no bulk products). The product brands belong to the licensed producers. Retailers will not be authorized to re-package the product with their own branding. Information about specific size formats will be confirmed at a later date.

    The initial product assortment will include dried flower, pre-rolls, cannabis oils, capsules and seeds that comply with federal requirements.

    Products will be available in the following formats:

    Capsule:               15g, 30g
    Oil:                        15ml, 20ml, 30ml
    Dried flower:         1g, 3.5g, 7g
    Pre-rolls:               0.5g, 1g, 1.5g, 2g, 2.5g, 3g
    Seeds:                   4g

    Wholesale cannabis product will be pre-packaged in ready to sell formats (no bulk products);  and labeled in compliance with federal standards. Cannabis product, with the exception of cannabis seeds must be packaged in an immediate container that is tamper-evident, child-resistant, prevents contamination and keeps cannabis dry.

    Private retailers will be responsible for procuring their cannabis accessories outside of the LDB’s distribution system.

    Edibles, concentrates and vape pens are expected to be legalized within 12 months of legalization. At that time, the LDB will work with licensed producers to procure additional products within these segments.

    The LDB’s 24/7 Customer Care Centre is available to answer questions or assist with issues. They can be contacted by calling 1-844-420-2227 or via email:

    At this time, the LDB has secured a cannabis retail location in the City of Kamloops, located at 200-1210 Summit Drive, Columbia Place Shopping Centre.

    And a number of additional locations across various municipalities are being investigated. We are focused on implementing a careful and efficient rollout that will support the best possible customer experience and meet all health and safety regulations, and will announce additional locations to the public when appropriate. 

    The LDB, as the public retailer, is the only entity permitted to sell non-medical cannabis online.

    Private retailers are not authorized to purchase cannabis directly from a federally licensed cannabis producer. Cannabis for resale must be obtained from the LDB. In addition, retailers and their employees are prohibited from activities that include:

    • Arranging with a person to sell cannabis from one federally licensed producer to the exclusion of another, such as accepting payment from a producer for agreeing not to sell a competitor's product.
    • Accepting money, gifts, reward or remuneration for the promotion, inducement or further the sale of a particular brand of cannabis, such as preferential shelf space.
    • Requesting money, gifts, reward or remuneration for the promotion, inducement or further the sale of a particular class of cannabis or brand of cannabis.

    The LDB will apply a 15% mark-up on the landed cost of cannabis distributed throughout the province to retail stores and the LDB’s online store. All cannabis retailers, including LDB-operated BC Cannabis Stores, will purchase cannabis at a common wholesale price.  Additional shipping costs will be applied to all orders. Retailers will be prohibited from pricing cannabis products below the wholesale price.