Cannabis Supplier Information - Central Delivery


    Welcome to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch's cannabis supplier information page for central delivery. On this page you will find the necessary information and instructions to correctly submit product listing applications and register with the LDB. Listing approval and registration is required before a product can be sold to the BC market through the central delivery channel.

    The LDB has two different channels of distribution in the province: central delivery and direct delivery.  This site is intended for central delivery, where LDB purchases inventory from licensed producers, stocks it in a central distribution center, and offers it for sale to BC retailers via a wholesale website.  Direct delivery allows eligible products to be sold directly to BC retailers by licensed producers. If you would like more information about the eligibility criteria and details of the Direct Delivery program, please visit

    Company and Product Registration

    Product registration is only open to cannabis producers licensed by Health Canada. The first step in the process of selling your product in BC is to submit a listing application for review.  The LDB typically maintains an open product call and product submissions are evaluated on an ongoing basis. If your product is selected, you will move on to the registration phase.

    Prior to submitting your application, please review the sections below. Carefully review all instructions, ensure you’ve met all specifications and requirements and that the submissions are complete.

    We look forward to working with you as we take the next steps together in this developing industry.


    May 17, 2024: Be advised that there is a change to the LDB age of inventory thresholds, effective Nov 1, 2024.  The maximum storage time of product at the LDB distribution center will be reduced by 2-3 months depending on the product type.  Please see the 'Change to Age of Inventory Thresholds Notice' file below for more details. 


    May 15, 2024: The 2024 Winter seasonal product call is now open for submissions until June 28th, 2024. Please see the product call information and template here : Seasonal_Program_Communication_2024_Final.pdf and BCLDB_New_Product_Submission_form_May_2024_V3.3.xlsx


    May 13, 2024: An update has been made to the new product submission form. To avoid processing delays always begin a new product application by downloading the current file from our supplier website, under the Product Listing Application and De-listing tab.


    May 1, 2024: The latest edition of the BC Cannabis Wholesale Quarterly Sales Report is now available to review and download from the LDB corporate website.    BCLDB Corporate | Celebrate Life Enjoy Responsibility


    January 18, 2024: The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) would like to advise Cannabis Licensed Producers (LPs) of a recent amendment to B.C.’s Recycling Regulation (BC Reg 449/2004) that may require action on your part, and provide a reminder of your obligations under the regulation. Please see the attached file below for the full content.


    January 5, 2024: On April 12, 2023, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) announced a temporary amendment to the payment terms for licensed producers to reduce the payment term from 30 days to 14 days. The temporary amendment was implemented for a six-month period, from April 30, 2023, to October 31, 2023, and on October 10, the LDB announced a three-month extension of the amendment, to January 31, 2024.

    Please be advised that the LDB is extending the temporary amendment to supplier payment terms until further notice to continue to support cash flow for licensed producers.

    If you have any questions about the extension of this temporary amendment, please email BC Cannabis Wholesale’s vendor relations team at


    October 18, 2023: Product performance thresholds have been updated to clarify the different thresholds by product type within the Inhalable Extracts category.  See the updated 'Product Performance Thresholds' file in the Product Listing Application and De-listing section of the website.


    December 1, 2022: As of December 23, 2022, the LDB will not permit the registration of any products containing synthetic or semi-synthetic Delta-8 THC.

    You will find information and relevant contacts in the sections below for key steps in the process of getting listed and registered with the LDB.  

    Product Registration

    1. Submit Product Listing Application to See the "Product Listing Application and De-listing" section below. The team will select products to be listed for central delivery. 
    2. If you have approved products and are not already a registered LP with BCLDB, the team will reach out for the vendor registration process. See "Vendor Registration" and "Supply Agreement" sections below.
    3. If you have approved products and are a registered LP with BCLDB (or have just finished registration above), you will be asked to send in the Product Attribute File and barcode images to for your approved products. You should also upload product images to your dedicated SFTP image folder. If you need the details to access your image SFTP folder you can reach out to See "Product Registration and Product Changes" section below.
    4. The team will register your products and have the barcodes verified by our DC. They will reach out if they have any questions or if there are any issues with your new products.
    5. You will be notified when registration is complete, and given instructions on how to notify our team with product availability. You will also be reminded to upload your product images to your image SFTP folder, as these are required for the products to show up online.
    6. The team will review your availability and create purchase orders (POs) for your products.
    7. You will make an appointment and then deliver your POs to the distribution centre. See "Supply Chain Requirements for Cannabis" section below.
    8. After inventory is received, your products will be published on the BC Cannabis Wholesale website for retailers to purchase.

    Changes After Registration

    If you have a change to any product data, please paste a change request form into the body of your email to The change request template can be found in the Product Registration and Product Changes section below.

    If you have a change to product pricing, you will need to submit the appropriate form to More information can be found under the Wholesale Pricing section below.

    Product Listing

    The LDB will register products for the central delivery channel only after a product listing application has been received, reviewed, and the product has been selected or "listed" for purchase in the BC market. All products selected will be purchased by the LDB and are stocked in our central distribution center. A forecasted 30-days of inventory will be purchased initially and then regular replenishment orders will follow depending on the product sales.

    In order to submit a new product application, please download the BCLDB_New_Product_Submission_Form from the “Additional resources” section below, and send it completed along with any sales/marketing materials to:  You will be notified if additional information is required and if your product application has been successful.

    Product De-Listing

    There are many available products and LDB is only able to maintain a fixed assortment at any one time. There is an ongoing process to remove slower selling items and add new, higher potential products to ensure the assortment reflects the needs of BC consumers and retail stores.  The de-list thresholds are available below in the posted file for reference.  Please review the available weekly reporting to monitor the sales and LDB inventory of your products.  A product that has been de-listed for central delivery will have a Wholesale Lifecycle Status of Product Exit.  This means that LDB will not place additional purchase orders but remaining inventory may continue to be sold to wholesale customers, until a return request is issued by the LDB.

    In order to complete vendor setup, you will need to complete the Vendor Registration Form and the Direct Deposit Application forms posted below.

    Vendor Registration Form

    Access and complete the form below. You can enter information for two sites in the form. If you have more than two sites and associated Health Canada licenses, please print and attach additional forms.

    Include scanned copies of CRA excise license and Health Canada license(s).

    File naming: Save the form(s) and supporting document scans as follows: <LPname_VendorReg_DDMMYYYY> 

    Submission: Email to


    Direct Deposit Application Form

    Access and complete the Direct Deposit application form below to enable payment to your account.

    • Accurately complete the Direct Deposit Application form (please leave the vendor number field blank).
    • Check the box for ‘INITIATE Direct Deposit Payments to the above account’.
    • Have an authorized vendor representative sign and date the form
    • Attach a scan of a void cheque (recommended) OR have your financial institution validate the accuracy of the information for EFT remittance purposes. Proof of validation in the form of a stamp and signature from the financial institution are required in the absence of a void cheque.

    File naming: Scan and save this form as <LPname_DD_EFT_DDMMYYYY>

    Submission: Email to

    All vendors must review and sign the Licensed Producer Supply Agreement for Non-Medical Cannabis before vendor registration can be completed.  The agreement may be amended from time to time with notice posted on this website.

    When completing this document, please ensure you fully complete the following:

    • Your organization’s legal name (page 1);
    • Contact information in Section 25(b) page 10;
    • Signatory information below the signature block on page 13; and
    • Scan and save the document as a PDF and rename the file following the naming convention ‘LP Name_Supply Agreement_Date’

    Return the completed, signed document with all pages included to

    Once a product listing has been approved for central delivery, it must be registered in LDB systems before it can be ordered and sold.  To initiate product registration a full list of product attributes must be provided on the BCLDB Attribute form.  The producer is responsible to maintain product attributes over time and change requests must be sent on the Product Change Request form posted below to the inbox.  Please ensure that changes are approved by LDB before any inventory reflecting those changes is shipped.

    Product Attribute File

    Access and complete the BCLDB Attribute form below to have your product registered.

    • Complete a row for each product that is being registered.
    • Pricing is required at the inner pack and master pack (case) level. Specify the pricing components as listed (supplier product cost and applicable excise tax).
    • The total Inner pack/master pack price paid by BCLDB to the licensed producer will be displayed in a calculated cell. Make sure pricing is consistent with the prices agreed to with BCLDB in Appendix A of the Memorandum of Understanding that you received in June/July.

    Description and accolade guidelines:

    • Content should not contain medical claims
    • Do not use slang or offensive language
    • Content should be written in a style that appeals to adults (not minors)

    NOTE: BCLDB will reject content that fails to comply with guidelines and product registration will not be completed.

    File naming: Save and submit this form as <LPname_BCLDB_attributes_DDMMYYYY> in an Excel readable file format.

    Submission: Email to 


    Image Specifications

    Product images are required at the time of registration.  These images will be shown on the LDB Wholesale website, where customers view and order central delivery products.  Images should accurately reflect actual product and packaging. See the attached image guidelines and the additional directions below.

    Note the specific instructions for the product sub-categories, including:

    • Flower
    • Pre-roll
    • Seeds
    • Extracts and Concentrates ( oil/Capsules, Cartridge, Vapes, Hash, Shatter and Others)
    • Edibles
    • Topical

    NOTE: BCLDB will not make any changes or edits to submitted content and may reject photography that fails to comply with guidelines.

    • Images should accurately reflect actual product and packaging
    • Images should be in the format, resolution and naming convention as shown in the guidelines

    Submission: The Liquor Distribution Branch has developed a simple and secure method for uploading your product photographs and GS1 documents to complete the vendor registration process. If you have not received the detailed instructions and secure link, please contact the LDB's vendor relations team via email at

    The BC Liquor Distribution Branch's cannabis supply chain requirements document provides important information for suppliers of non-medical cannabis to the LDB about:

    • Purchase orders
    • Appointments
    • Delivery paperwork
    • Barcode standards
    • Pallet standards
    • Shipping case standards
    • Retail selling unit standards

    The LDB has a standardized calendar for cost changes and limited time offer (temporary) price change submissions. This allows our licensed producer partners to plan with a more structured promotional schedule, and our wholesale customers more notice and visibility into upcoming price changes.

    Price change applications must be submitted prior to the submission deadlines specified in the price dates and deadlines calendar (attached below). All effective dates are the first day of each LDB fiscal period. All applications must be sent to More information can be found in the Wholesale Pricing Guide. If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact the Wholesale Pricing team.

    Under the British Columbia Recycling Regulation, in order to sell or distribute products with packaging and/or distribute paper that makes its way into the residential waste stream (e.g. curbside “blue box”) in British Columbia, producers must have an approved Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Plan.

    The below document outlines details of British Columbia's recycling requirements.

    For reference only, a copy of the LDB wholesale returns policy is attached below.  Any return from a retailer to LDB must be pre-approved by the LDB.

    Please see the Licensed Producer Supply Agreement and the Supply Chain Requirements for more information about return events and return rights between the LDB and the licensed producer.