Cannabis Sales Data

    Welcome to the BCLDB Cannabis Data Sales information site. Here you can find out more about the types of subscriptions available, applicable rates, how to sign up and renew, and instructions for accessing and downloading the data.


    The BCLDB is offering a number of pre-defined data packages that may be purchased by annual subscription. There are a number of frequency options for the data including weekly, monthly, and quarterly. The data files are available in a .csv format and are uploaded to a FTP folder according to our file upload schedule specified below. The data files will only be available for 30 days after upload and will subsequently be deleted. It is important to download your files within that timeframe as they will not be available after that.

    The following types of data is available within the packages:

    • Vendor-specific data packages
      • This data is available to vendors doing business with the BCLDB, for their own products only. There is no charge for this data and the frequency of reporting is weekly.
      • The Vendor-specific data package includes the following:
        • Vendor Product Activity Report
          • SKU level reporting of BCLDB shipments and BCLDB DC inventory. This data is intended to facilitate forecasting, planning, and inventory management by the vendor.
        • Vendor Purchase Order Report
          • Purchase order details to enable regular review and management of purchase orders by vendors.
    • Paid data packages
      • Package A includes the following:
        • Wholesale Product Sales
          • Product-level wholesale shipment data for all cannabis products
        • Wholesale Product Information Data
          • A product attribute  extract that provides cannabis product information at a point in time
        • Wholesale Customer Ranking Report
          • A ranking of retail stores by name and location based on LDB wholesale sales. SKU level sales by retail location and total dollar value of sales are not provided.
        • BCCS Retail Product Sales
          • SKU-level retail sales for BCCS e-Commerce and BCCS brick and mortar channels combined
    • Licensed Producer Data Package: No cost
    • Data Package A:
      • Annual Subscription, Quarterly Data Frequency: $5,000*
      • Annual Subscription, Monthly Data Frequency: $15,000*
      • Annual Subscription, Weekly Data Frequency: $30,000*

    * (plus applicable taxes)

    Complete the Registration form found in “Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement and Renewal Forms” section. After payment and registration have been completed, you will be sent a link to finalize account creation and to access your data. Your username will be the registered email address. You will be required to create your own password.

    The website may present multiple folders based on your subscription type and the number of licenses under the account. Select a license folder, and then choose the data you would like to download. Note that a spreadsheet application is required to view all data.

    The primary contact for each account will be registered as an admin, and will be able to register other members of their organization as basic users, congruent with the terms and conditions outlined in the Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement. Please see Guides and Glossaries section for more details on how to register additional accounts.

    Account maintenance link:

    File access link:

    Here is an checklist for those that would like to subscribe to the Cannabis Data Sales program for any paid data packages:

    • Review program details on the program informational website
    • Review and sign the Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement
    • Email the signed agreement to
    • Receive a confirmation from BCLDB via email along with a confirmed total (including tax) for the data package you would like to purchase
    • Receive an invoice from BCLDB
    • Mail a check or bank draft for the confirmed amount to the following address:
      Attn: Accounts Receivables
      3383 Gilmore Way
      Burnaby, BC
      V5G 4S1
    • Receive confirmation from BCLDB of:
      • The data package selected
      • Receipt of payment
      • Start and end dates for your subscription
    • Receive an invitation (first admin user only) to the access management site. Set up password, security questions, and manage users via this site
    • Access the FTP site and folder to download your data (data will be available according to the Data Upload Schedule)
    • Complete Renewal form prior to end of subscription and make payment to renew existing subscription

    Once registration is completed, LDB will issue an invoice to you for the amount of the subscription plus applicable taxes. Payment via cheque or draft is required before the first data packages are generated. Your start and end dates for the subscription will be confirmed via email once payment is received.

    You may renew your annual subscription by completing a renewal form and submitting it to We will confirm when your renewal form has been received and processed. If the completed renewal form is not received before the end date of your subscription, a new Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement will be required. If you change the data package in your existing subscription, then a new Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement will be required. If payment is not received before the end of your existing subscription period, the start date for the new subscription period may be delayed.

    You may cancel your subscription with 30-days written notice and a refund will be issued via cheque for the remaining pro-rated portion of the subscription. In order to cancel your subscription and request a refund, please email For specific details of cancellation and other terms and conditions, please refer to the Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement.

    Data will be uploaded according to the following schedule:

    • Weekly (Sunday-Saturday): Uploaded by the second business day, following the end of the reporting period.
    • Monthly (Calendar month): Uploaded by the second business day, following the end of the reporting period.
    • Quarterly (Calendar quarters): Uploaded by the second business day, following the end of the reporting period.

    Data will be available for download for 30 days before being deleted from the FTP folder.

    Once registered, LDB will provide access to our access management site which will allow you to add and manage additional users. Users will be able to access the FTP site where the data will be uploaded. Data will be available to access and download for a minimum of 30 days from the scheduled upload date. After 30 days, the data will be deleted and will no longer be accessible to users. It is important to download your data on a timely basis as the deleted data will not be re-uploaded.


    The "Creating a New User in IAM" guide is for learning how to set up additional users able to view your data after your admin account is set up.

    Glossaries - Vendor-specific Package

    The below glossaries contain definitions of the different columns for each file in the vendor-specific data package.

    Glossaries - Data Package A

    The below glossaries contain definitions of the different columns for each file in data package A.

    *Vendors registered with BCLDB will not need to complete the Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement in order to access no-cost data packages. Contact to obtain access to this data using the template below:

    Email address:
    Phone #:
    Business address:

    Access Management Site for the admin user to manage users having access to FTP folder, as well as for users to reset their passwords:

    FTP site where data may be accessed:

    Cannabis Data email Inbox:

    General Program Information Website:

    When I try to log in to get my data I get an error about "unauthorized access"?

    I lost my password, how do I reset?

    How do I set up additional accounts?

    • If you have admin access, you can give basic user access by registering up to 3 users. You can also remove access from basic users on your account. Please see the guide "Creating a New User in IAM" in the Guides and Glossaries section.

    What are the data packages for?

    • Refer to the Data Package Options section above for a list of available data packages and a brief description of each.

    How much do the data packages cost?

    • Refer to the Rates and Billing section above for a list of subscription options and their frequency.

    How do I cancel/renew my subscription?

    • To cancel a subscription, you will need to provide 30 days notice to Your subscription will be ended and a check mailed for the pro-rated amount of your subscription. Refer to the Subscription Renewal and Cancellation section for more details.
    • To renew a subscription, fill out a renewal form found in the Sales Agreement and Renewal Forms section and send to Refer to the Subscription Renewal and Cancellation section for more details.

    How many users can my account have?

    • You can have 4 users per account. Refer to the Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement for the terms and conditions associated with shared accounts and data.

    Can I resell/share the data?

    • As per the Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement, reselling or sharing data outside of your organisation is not permitted. Refer to the Cannabis Sales Data Services Agreement for the terms and conditions associated with the data.

    Can I have custom data packages created?

    • At this time, we do not build custom data packages, but please let us know what you are looking for and we may consider updates to them in the future.

    Any questions that are not covered here? Contact