City of Kamloops approves additional BC Cannabis Stores locations

    The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) has received approval from the City of Kamloops for the establishment of two additional BC Cannabis Stores.

    The two prospective locations represent an opportunity for the LDB to effectively service the Kamloops market, and surrounding areas. The LDB’s ability to secure multiple locations within Kamloops is the result of the municipal government’s quick work to develop zoning for the retail of non-medical cannabis upon legalization.

    At this time the LDB cannot confirm when the stores are expected to open, however is targeting late spring.

    The first BC Cannabis Store – in the city and in the province – opened in Kamloops on October 17, and has been well received by customers and neighbouring merchants.

    Municipalities are responsible for determining zoning bylaws for the retail of non-medical cannabis within their communities. The LDB is actively seeking opportunities to establish its stores in municipalities that pass resolutions in favour of public stores.

    BC Cannabis Stores’ online store ensures all British Columbians have access to regulated, safe cannabis product regardless of where they live in BC.