LDB launches advanced ordering system for private retailers of non-medical cannabis

    The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) has launched its wholesale customer website for licensed, private retailers of non-medical cannabis in British Columbia.

    The advanced online order system will enable private retailers to easily access the LDB’s wholesale product assortment and place orders.

    Once private retailers have received their licences from the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch and have been issued a provincial sales tax number from the Ministry of Finance, they will be required to complete the LDB’s private retailer registration process. This process is expected to take between two to three business days to complete.

    Since being appointed the wholesale distributor of non-medical cannabis in February 2018, the LDB has been working to develop a quality wholesale assortment to appropriately provide for the cannabis retail market in B.C. The assortment includes dried cannabis, cannabis oils, capsules and seeds that comply with federal requirements. Private retailers will be responsible for procuring their own range of cannabis accessories.

    The LDB announced in August 2018 that it would apply a 15% markup on the landed cost of cannabis distributed throughout the province to retail stores and the LDB’s online store. The 15% wholesale markup highlights the LDB’s commitment to being as competitive as possible with the illicit market.

    The LDB has released average wholesale pricing to assist private retailers with business forecasts. Specific wholesale pricing will be available to private retailers once they have completed the wholesale customer registration process. 

    The LDB will engage with additional private retailers as they receive their retail licences and is committed to continuously improving its wholesale distribution system. 

    Learn more:

    The LDB's advanced online order system is available at: www.bccannabiswholesale.com